In order to raise funds to produce Disembody, 23E Studios followed in independent filmmakers' footsteps, and found investors.

Investors in Disembody received the standard indy film deal - 23E Studios will share net profits on a 50/50 basis with them, after all costs are recouped. That is, we receive 50% of profits, and investors split, based on the percentage of their investment, the other 50%.

Investors contributing over $1,000 are credited as Executive Producers of Disembody.

Besides the possible financial reward available to investors, they were also allowed to take away pieces of the set and theater after the Morgellon was dismantled in August, 2008.

Investors received a gift bag of Disembody merchandise. It included an investors-only edition of the Disembody film on DVD, a thumb drive of the soundtrack, branded candies, clothing, and a brooch.

Finally, the investor who offered the highest amount received naming rights to the theater. They declined this privilege and left the name of the space up to 23E Studios.


Randolph Carter

Tiffiny Fyans

Tutti Greyy

Daniel Miller
Carson Murdach
Jessica L. Murphey
Vickie Sampson
Janet Stott

Sabastian Torrit

Stelios Valavanis